My First Post *heavy breathing*


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Hey readers,

Well if I’m being entirely honest I’m kinda shitting myself at the moment because this is my first ever blog. And I am glad the hardest part, picking my username, is over! I think I spent half an hour just sitting there going OH MY GOD I CAN’T EVEN PICK A USERNAME THIS IS A TERRIBLE IDEA WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING?!!! But thankfully, the worst part is now over…

I’m sure you all remember your first post- that moment you look at the empty text box on your smart phone or your computer or whatever the hell you were using, and you just sit there and think to yourself “Well now what do I do?”

For a 17 year old teenage girl in this day and age, the fact that I’ve never had a blog probably makes me an abnormality. I mean, seriously! Kids practically come out of the womb with iPhones nowadays. And I guess that in a way, this is the most important post I’ll ever write, because I have to convince you, the reader, that this blog is witty and humorous enough to convince you to follow me….

Well *nervous laugh* shit…. Not feeling pressure or anything.

Probably the best way for me to accomplish this mighty task of gaining followers would be for me to share the fails of my existence with you… And believe me, there are many I could name because to tell you the truth, I’m kinda a screw up.

My dream for this blog, and as corny as this may sound, is to share my life with you. For me to share my opinions on books and discuss my various fandoms, for me to rant about people and issues that are driving me insane and for me to hopefully, make you laugh.

So please, if you’re a fellow teenager, a book lover or someone just looking for a weird blog to follow, why not give this one a go? Or take pity on my incompetence and follow me anyway!

– E